Awaking Grace


Meet Grace!

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 Grace here!

Since being introduced to yoga as a child, what started out as a school requirement, has become an integral part of my everyday life. Having been a dancer and musician throughout my young life, I have always looked for ways to express myself creatively. A few years ago, I began to realize yoga gave me an outlet to cultivate that creative energy. So in Spring of 2018 I decided to further my practice and travelled through India to become a certified teacher. I came back with not only the knowledge to teach, but the awareness that I will always be a student. I love that yoga is a lifelong evolution of mind, body, and spirit, and that we will never stop learning and discovering.

When I’m not following the journey of my practice, you’ll find me playing guitar, hiking through the high deserts of Oregon, or writing down whatever crazy things come into my mind.

Follow along with my day to day musings, stories, and practice through Instagram : @AWAKINGGRACE