Rishikesh - Week 1

I have now been in Rishikesh for one week. But this experience has already seemed to have spanned months. So much has happened, so many emotions have been felt, so much energy has shifted. This place is raw in the most beautiful way. Everything seems to be exactly the way it was meant. Everything is perfectly balanced, at it`s most pure form. It is all here for a purpose. No excess, no gluttony of the mind or body. Simplicity, in its most necessary form. 

I adore everything. The colors, the people, the powerful rhythm of the river, the sound of the monkeys speaking to one another in the morning. It could feel overwhelming, but every piece makes the whole picture come together into such a beautiful, chaotic mosaic.

My yoga teacher training has been wonderful, but very humbling (in the best sense of the word). I feel like a beginner again. Not to mean I feel as  though I`ve been taken down a notch, but simply that I feel like an empty glass, ready to be filled. We were told on our first day, to forget everything we thought we knew about yoga, and start our training with a fresh mind.  This did not take any effort on my part, because it became so natural here to embrace everything with a new spirit. My body also feels pushed and challenge in a way I haven`t felt in a long time. I feel as though I`ve reached places in my body, that have never been acknowledged. My love for yoga has been revived, and with it a new sense of love and respect for myself.

I cannot believe how much I hav already experienced here, and I cannot wait to see what else emerges during the next three weeks.  But I hope you all enjoy coming on this journey with me, and I suppose we`ll just wait and see what happens next.

To be continued...